Adding an Event to the Calendar

At the bottom of the calendar you will find three options for adding your event in the section called Adding Events.

There three different types of Events you can add by clicking on one of them:

DAILY - This means you can add a one-time event that won't repeat at any other time, and that is complete within just one day's time.   Click on the underlined word "Daily" and a window will open that has the word Create underlined next to the words "Daily Event for (Whatever Day You Chose).  Click the word "Create" and a window will open that you'll fill in with information about your one-day, one time only Event. 

1. In the space below the words Calendar Text, type in the name of the Event you are adding. 

2. When finished with that, click on the drop down menu right below the words Start Time am/pm, and choose the starting time, then click the drop-down menu next to it to choose AM or PM. 

3. Below the words End Time am/pm, click on those drop down menus and select the ending time and whether it's am or pm. 

4. If you want a line drawn around the item, you would click in the little box below Draw Border, and if not, just leave it be. 

5. Below the word Category, you will see any categories that your Event may fit in.  Just choose one, or if none is there, skip that step. 

6. Below the words Popup Text or URL Link, add your website's URL, such as, and it will be automatically added as a link on the calendar page.

7. OR, if you want a little window to pop up with more information on your Event oither than the name of the Event, just type the info in that same space (such as location, or what people may need to bring, or whatever other info you want to add). 

NOTE: This step #7 is also optional, but remember that if you want a little popup window to open AND also want your website URL link to show up, you'd have to add the extra info in first, hit the return key, and only at the last type in your URL.    

8.  If you want the color of the text and background to be anything other than the what normally shows, click on the button at the bottom left called Color Select.  A little window opens up and you can choose a color for background and a color for text by clicking on the colors you like for each.  Then hit the OK button in the center and the colors will be what you chose.

9.  Hit the Submit button at the very bottom left.

10.  You will be brought back to the previous page, and you'll see the option to Edit.  Don't do that unless you want to change something.  There is a little yellow box in the upper left corner that says View Calendar.  Click on that yellow box, and you'll return to the Calendar to see your Event listed! 

To edit an event after you get to the calendar page again, just choose the same kind of event you added, down at the bottom where it says Add Events, and you will be sent to the Create or Edit page for the Events.  Change it around for your Event as needed.

There are two other kinds of Events:

DURATION: - This option is for multi-day events that span a certain amount of time, like a couple of days or a week or two.  Again, this one is for events that do not repeat each month or each year, events should be one time only for this option.  There is a Start time, an End time, a place to fill in what day the event starts from and a place to fill in what day the event ends.

PERIODIC - This one is for Events that repeat monthly or yearly.   All the time and day options are there like the other two options, but also included are spaces to fill in how the event repeats, like every 2nd week of the month, or a particular day or days in a month.  You will also have a space to fill in when you want this repeating event to end, for instance if you want it to repeat each month or year for four years, there's room in this option to list that, too.

The steps for these oher two options are similar to the ones you do for a Daily event, except you'll also choose a beginning day and ending day, and for periodic, you'll choose how the event repeats.